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I hope all you FCA moms out there are having a nice time sleeping in in your warm, cozy beds. All you who have normal children who will actually sleep in when given a glorious day off school! Mine got up at 7:15 prompt - wide eyed and bushy tailed and ready to take on the world.

I'm feeling a bit bitter here.

And what in the world was I thinking when I promised to make them pancakes? I'm hearing chants of bweakfast! bweakfast! bweakfast!
Julie Waggoner said...

I really do feel sorry for you! Maybe you should try some benedryl on the vacation days!ha(course if they are like mine were that has a reverse affect!)one time the pharm. said to give Jordan and Janae Robitussin for colds--after a few nights of taking it they were literally roaming the house playing at 2 A.M. I thought I would die!

Deanna Mander said...

I want to make them pancakes! It seems like by the time I'll see them again, they'll be able to make me breakfast.:( I miss you guys!

Deanna said...
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Sassy said...

My girls actually slept in this AM. Leticia told me yesterday, "I really want to sleep in but I can't because I'm to used to school days":) She did sleep until 7:50 this morning. My baby went to sleep in church, I brought her home, stuck her in bed, and she slept until 7:30 this morning--miracle of miracles.

If we would have planned better I could have made all the girls pancakes this morning. My girls would have loved pancakes this morning too.

Angie Davis said...

I feel your pain, Sweetie! Kent got up around 7, and he was immediately STARVING...

Jerri Ann said...

i think mine got up at 7:30. So, i feel your pain. ONly on days when i have to get them up on time they are not going to do it. Ohhh well.

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