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Go Jayhawks!
I've got some relatives who are absolutely going bonkers with joy right now. Probably screaming and shouting and acting like a bunch of crazy monkeys.
I'm happy and all that, but I'm going to bed!
{For those of you who don't know, Kansas is "home"
for the Wolfs (Ft. Scott) and Parsons (Overland Park)}

tacomom said...

Tony was pleased to see that they won. Especially after Memphis (who he was originally rooting for - more on that later) missed free throws. He said that anyone who misses free throws during a championship game oughta lose! Back to Memphis - he was rooting for them to start out with b/c they beat Michigan State. Since MI State is his dad's alma mater, losing to Memphis and having them win would make him feel better knowing that MI only lost to the champions. Go figure! loL!

Close game!

Misty said...

That is so funny, I was thinking the same thing :-) I could care less about basketball or professional sports of any kind, but yeah we have some family going crazy too I am sure!

I do hope your mother's surgery goes well and so sorry about your grandma...


Mary Ellen said...

My born and raised in Kansas hubby is a big K-state fan...we all have matching purple shirts we wear from time to time...we wore them and stood in a wheat field in Clay Center, KS while visiting his Mom this summer - we ended up using it for our Christmas card this year...a bit different from the typical photo by the ocean that most who live here do but it was fun!

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