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Fry Christmas - Dec. 23, 2010

We spent a lot of time together this year the week of Christmas.  Debbie and Greg were stationed in Hawaii a few days after Christmas, so we took advantage of their few days home in Frankfort.  That week, we played a lot of games, sat in front of the fire, and had a wonderful time.

On December 23, we had our Fry/Mowery Christmas with David's Grandma Fry.  Then we headed back to Mom & Dad Fry's for our family Christmas.

We kicked the evening off with a special yummy gift for Debbie's doggy......Jazz.

Girl's got some AT-TI-TUDE!

It was so wonderful to spend some time with Debbie and Greg....This year he completed Army boot camp and Tech School....Now they're stationed in Hawaii!

Merry Christmas.


Shhhh! Christmas Gift!

The Jesus Storybook Bible - Every Story Whispers His Name

I'm SO EXCITED.  I just ordered this for my kids for Christmas.  Okay.  I confess.  I really ordered it for me for Christmas.  But it'll have the kids' names on it.  Already this morning, I've laughed and cried, just listening to the audio available online.  I spent the few extra dollars to get the deluxe edition - which includes the audio CDs.  I think it's worth it.  We listen together in the car, in the kitchen...and I think it will be a great tool for the kids' personal devotions.   I'm planning to put it on my ipod and let them listen along with the book.  This morning at breakfast, the kids asked for Odyssey.  I told them I wanted to listen to these Bible stories (the audio clips linked below).  Caiden sorta whined.  I said, "What about 'The Young Hero and the Horrible Giant?'"  He wouldn't let himself let on too much, but that title got him!  We listened together and love the stories already.  I didn't tell them what we were listening to.  I think it's fun to whet their appetites so that when they open the gift they know how excited they should be.  : )

Wanna check it out? 

Here are the audio clips. (Even if you only have a moment today....Please! Listen to "The Story and the Song")

Here are the free downloads.

Toys and dolls are good. But what could be better than bringing them to a story-table set with delightful pictures and stories that sing and whisper and shout of our Jesus?  What more exciting than the greatest stories told so masterfully, so warmly?  I pray it will make Jesus sweeter and more real to us all as we feast on His Word in a fresh way.


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