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Cool Dudes in D

I was making a youtube playlist of the music for the wedding this weekend and ran across this totally awesome version of Pachelbel. It made me laugh out loud! So cool. Let the music get your soul tapping!

By the way - those of you who are trying to convince your little boys that violin is not girlie - show them this! I'd love to meet the mamma who kept this big guy in violin lessons all the way through ricochet bowing!

Ribbon Roads

If you'll just allow me this moment of teary homesickness for my sister Deanna: Here is a song about Coleraine, the place in Northern Ireland where Mark and De live. It is written and performed Keith and Kristyn Getty, who lived in Coleraine. They are modern hymn writers I am now totally in love with after being introduced to their powerful music by Mark.


Just one blog, that's all I ask....

Our days here at Fry Cottage sail along best when we jump right into our morning routine and schedule. Kayla and Daddy out the door to school at 7:25. Breakfast. 15 minutes for dishes & kitchen tidy, 15 minutes to reboot laundry, dress kids, chores, piano practice, then on with the day.

Well....last night was a rough one. I think the kids were awake every 5 minutes or so. So I'm dragging a little this morning. I did a couple of short posts and was relishing my friend Angie's blog. She's so funny, and she has such a way of making the everyday something special. I was smiling inside from spending a few minutes with her, and was ready to post a comment and move on.

When Karissa brought me the news. Something about Mya (one of our Golden Retrievers)....a diaper.....Caiden....Poop.

Some of you may wonder why I often go for weeks and weeks without writing (or answering your emails). This is what happens when I splurge on computer time. What I discovered is almost too much to speak of.

Caiden is two, independent and opinionated. If his diaper is wet or messy he CHANGES HIMSELF if I don't beat him to it! (He's been trying to potty train himself for at least 6 months but I stink at it.) Well. Caiden had removed a soiled diaper and Mya snuck away from her corner and had discovered the messy diaper.

I don't know how many of you are familiar with the amazing inner workings of a Pampers diaper. It's a real science. You know those thousands of small gel pockets that trap moisture and stuff? Oh....I don't want to talk about it. Well. Maybe I do. It was just terrible. That's all I'll say. Simply Terrible. At least there was only one dog involved in the diaper-thrashing. We're expecting Mya's first heat any day, so Max is banned to the kennel for now.

My major cleaning day is usually at the end of the week. Guess I should be thankful I got a head start on it. Now the cleaning supplies are put away. The mop bucket back in its place. The vacuum filters emptied and washed. The clothespin is off my nose. And I think I've recovered enough to move on with my day. (Did I mention washing the dishes in an earlier post?)

O my. Two poop posts in one day. Can you ever forgive me? Life would be so much rougher if you weren't there with your listening ears......listening eyes. Whatever.

Anyone want a double championship line pedigreed Golden Retriever? Free to good home. (Expect some doggy breath.)

Mommy Conversations

Sarah: editing a blogpost.
Karissa: (sitting on the pot) Mouuumm...I’m Duuuun!
Sarah: okay! (continue editing)
Karissa: Are you cuumin or NOT?
Sarah: I come. I wipe. I look. Wow! That’s a big one. Look at that...can you believe that was IN you?
Karissa: Wow. It’s all bunched up! It’s in a knot.
Caiden: (comes to inspect) oooooh! Iss POOP! (did I mention that he’s advanced?)

I'm almost shocked that I just shared that deligtful conversation with you. Is it any wonder that I crave the world of grown-up words?

Ketchup Again

O mercy. It's been so long since I've blogged with actual words, I fear the words dam is about to fall....and lookout! It's like ketchup out of a glass bottle with me.

Trouble is, I do not know where to begin. It seems all summer I've been mostly picture blogging. Which is fine. I have my reasons (and what a summer it's been!) But it does not satisfy.

So which thought should I share first? I have some thoughts to share, yes I do, yes I do.

Did any of you ever do brainstorming in English or creative writing class? I LOVE brainstorming! Connecting ideas. Letting them tumble out like stones out of a plastic bucket. I also loved it when someone (probably Rebecca Kelley) taught me how to get the writing going. Set your pen to paper and just write! Don't think. Don't stop. Just write what comes. And fill in words when you're tempted to stop. Obviously, it's not a plan for revising and finishing. But it's a sure way to get going. Sometimes I have so many ideas scrambling for my attention (not to mention cereal, poopy diapers and dancing 4 year olds) I have to just write a list so I know which one to start with.

:: Thoughts on my Squeezable 2-year old
:: Living in the glory (why my ballet-dancing 4-year-old is fulfilling her destiny)
:: Karissa-isms
:: Our very cool VBS
:: Why I love being grown up
:: Why this may have been the best summer of my life
:: My thoughts on preschool
:: Marriage (have had a post draft saved for months...courage, Sarah!)
:: Gossip (response to all your responses)

:: New piano discovery for my girls' piano lessons....love. it.

:: Grrr to the extra spaces that won't go away. if I want double spacing I'll ASK for double spacing!!!! I even tried to edit the Html code. You can see how successful that endeavor was.

Okay. So there's a partial list. Maybe some warm sudsy dish water will clarify for me upon which thought to embark.


Memory Lane :: Pickin' and Grinnin'

Ahh....Chuck E Cheese's sho' is a good pick!


Memory Lane :: Trick or Treat

I've thought of doing this now and then - sharing an old photo when I find it tucked away somewhere. I'm doing some "deep sorting" at my desk today and found this one. De looks like a fairly normal 4-year-old, but I look like I'm suffering from some sort of face-swelling disease! I'm wondering if that is a chicken (or rooster) costume I am wearing. Lovely hat, eh?

Trick-Or-Treating in the halls of the GBS girls dorm.

Sarah (2 years)
Deanna (4 years)


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